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The natural solution for when your dog can’t go outside.

Little DogFinally, a litter for indoor dogs that is effective, economical, and lightweight! Whether your dog is a full-time indoor companion or just needs
a potty solution when you can't be there, our new paper pellet dog litter is a great solution. 

Puppy Go PottyTM is made from natural cellulose, quickly absorbs 4x its weight in liquid, and controls urine odors!  It is also lightweight and low-dust, unlike traditional clay-based litters.

The Puppy Go PottyTM dog litter system is ideal for:

Puppy Training – success comes quickly, usually in just 2-8 weeks

Indoor Dogs - permanent daily elimination spot for indoor dogs

Accident Prevention - insurance against accidents by mature dogs when you're not home

Special Needs - elderly or physically challenged dogs or owners that have difficulty going for regular walks

Defining the Potty Space - inside to outside training tool teaches dogs to potty in a specific area